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With mountain ranges, endorheic valleys, lush forests, and desert plains, the regions of Nevada are by no means dull and flat. Nevada is known best for the famous cities of Las Vegas and Reno, and became a major tourist destination upon the legalization of gambling, alongside the lenient marriage and divorce laws of the twentieth century.

The state of Nevada provides unique geography, as much of it is within the Basin and Range Province, broken up by north-south mountain ranges. Endorheic valleys can be found in many of the mountain ranges. The total geographical area of Nevada is 110,622 square miles (286,367 square kilometers). Additionally, Nevada is made up of mostly desert and semiarid climate regions with daytime temperatures reaching as high as 125°F (52°C) and evening temperatures as low as -50°F (-46°C).

Nevada is often referred to as the “Silver State” because the mining of silver played a significant role of development in its history and economy, and was responsible for its original growth. Today, Nevada has a population of 2,723,322 and its economy is largely supported by through tourism and gambling. The August 21, 2010 issue of The Economist states that Nevada was “founded on mining and refounded on sin—beginning with prizefighting and easy divorce a century ago and later extending to gaming and prostitution.” However, even though the tourism industry remains the largest employer in the state, the mining sector continues to be substantial in the development of the economy. Nevada is the fourth largest producer of gold in the world.

Las Vegas is the largest city in Nevada, and is recognized internationally as a top resort city for gambling, shopping, and fine dining. Vegas is sometimes called “Sin City” because of the its popular adult entertainment, however, the city has developed to provide attractions for all ages. Major attractions include the Madame Tussauds Las Vegas (featuring celebrity wax figures), the Neon Museum (featuring historical signs from the valley), The Las Vegas Natural History Museum, Lied Discovery Children’s Museum, The Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, and the Old Las Vegas Mormon State Historic Park. Luxury real estate is prominent in this flashy city. The census-designated area of Winchester, containing part of the Las Vegas Strip, is home to a number of luxury properties and Paradise Road boasts some of the most spectacular condos, homes, and penthouses in the world.

Just a little ways outside of Nevada’s Carson City, Lake Tahoe’s scenic and natural setting offers a relaxing destination. Luxury homes in locations such Zephyr Cove and Incline Village provide access to beaches, fishing, and horseback-riding.

Nevada’s desert landscape and climate makes it a place of true beauty, and thrilling possibility. With internationally recognized cities and entertainment, Nevada’s housing market continues to grow and there is no doubt the state is becoming one of the most desired places to live, work, and play.

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