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New Jersey

From rural, wooded, and mountainous regions, to distinctly characterized locations by the ocean, New Jersey offers both a varied topography and population. At the center of the Northeast megalopolis New Jersey’s accessibility means a connection to endless opportunity.

The state may one of America’s smaller states, covering only 8,721 square miles (22,608 square kilometers), but its position within the sprawling metropolitan areas of Philadelphia and New York City have made it a popular location to call home. With Boston and New York City in the Northeast, and Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. in the Southwest, New Jersey is “a little piece of heaven” next door to every possible desire.

Like New York, New Jersey was first claimed by the Dutch. It was later one of the thirteen colonies to revolt against the British rule during the American Revolution and passed the New Jersey Constitution in 1776. During both the first and second World Wars New Jersey was a major center for war production, which offered further contribution to its industrialization.

Today New Jersey is known as the “Garden State” and continues to boast beautifully preserved historic architecture. Statistics from 2009-2010 show New Jersey as having the third wealthiest median household income. The economy is supported by chemical development, tourism, telecommunications, food processing, electric equipment, the pharmaceutical industry, financial industry, and printing and publishing. Its population of 8,821,155 people benefits not only from the state being a “crossroads of commerce” with superior transportation to surrounding areas, but also from the stunning luxury locations offered within its borders.

One of the best known cities in New Jersey is Atlantic City, a popular vacation destination known for its gambling, conventions, and leisure. Its location in South Jersey has resulted in a successful development as a resort town offering prime real estate locations. The original version of Monopoly was inspired by the city and similarities can be seen between the locations named in the game and the names of various real-life locations.

Some of the finest luxury real estate falls into the Jersey Shore region, which stretches over the Atlantic coast of New Jersey. While the region includes Atlantic City, it is home to many more key luxury spots. These areas include: Asbury Park, known for hosting the Garden State Film Festival and Empress Hotel; Ocean Grove, featuring striking Victorian Architecture; Point Pleasant, with a mile long boardwalk featuring arcades, amusement rides, pizza and ice-cream parlors; Seaside Heights, known today for setting MTV’s Jersey Shore; Long Beach Island; and Cape May.

With beautiful shoreline locations and spectacular luxury communities New Jersey is a perfect place to live. Whether you are looking for somewhere close to all the amenities of a major metropolitan area, or a quiet and peaceful place to unwind, the location of this Garden State, makes it all possible.

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