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From deserts, to rolling foothills, prairies, bayous, basins, and beaches, Texas is an ecological wonderland. Twice the size of Germany, to cross the state is quite a feat, but with such diverse communities and culture, you’ll never need to leave.

Out of the 50 United States, Texas is the second most extensive and the second most populous. It boasts a geographical area of 268,581 square miles (696,241 square kilometers) and a population of 25,674,681 people. Rooted in the oil and cattle industries, many still picture Texans as cowboys. In actuality, Texas today is a forefront in both the medical and technological industries.

The Austin area, home to the state capital, is nicknamed the “Silicon Hills,” while the North Dallas area is fondly called the “Silicon Prairie.” Texas’s affluence also stimulates a strong commercial sector consisting of retail, wholesale, banking, and construction industries. Galveston, the historic island off the coast of Houston, was once the center of trade for Texas, and rivaled New Orleans in cotton shipment.

Houston itself is the fourth largest city in the United States and is home the sixth largest port in the country. However, with some of the lowest living costs in the country and a large medical community, East Texas in particular has become a target area for relocation.

In the heart of the piney woods, Tyler, located 100 miles east of Dallas, embodies the conveniences of a metropolitan city with the warmth of a small town. The town has charming historic features, dating back to the mid-nineteenth century and is comprised of several districts, subdivisions, and a growing college community attracting both young professionals and retirees.

In fact, Texas is considered one of the “10 best places to start over” according to Businessweek, 2009. Eco Home Magazine research also shows that the top 5 housing markets in the U.S. are located within the Lone Star State. It’s size, diversity, and multiple resources have created both a stable economy and a stable housing market for the state’s inhabitants, leaving little doubt that, in the years to come, Texas will the perfect place to call home.

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