• 1102 N 305TH-Iconic Zebco Fishing Reel Home

    Catoosa, Oklahoma
  • $5,000,000 US


Iconic Home Designed by Architect Cecil Stanfield in the shape of a fishing reel.


The focal point of the home is a swimming pool featuring a 25ft Lexan overhead dome and surrounded by a 15ft wide circular hallway. Off the hallway are 5 bedrooms, three of which are theme decorated (Italian, French and other). A master suite and a maids bedroom complete the five. 

The house features blues, green, gold and orange colors reminiscent of the 1970s era. There are 7 bathrooms, each decorated in a different color and appropriate hardware, carrying out the theme of the adjoining room. 

Twenty-eight continuous curved oak beams extend from the roof over the pool and across the hallway, though the rooms to the exterior of the house. Additional features of the home include 43 doors with hand-carved panels. 

10 air conditioners, 5 hot-water heaters, 3 cooking areas, an indoor patio, formal dining and living room with 2 aquariums. The 4 car garage connected to the main part of the home by a spacious porte-cochere is paneled and has ceramic floor. The game room contains a pool table and 4 pinball machines. Near the entry is a reception room for guests. Breathtaking views of unspoiled woods and wildlife are everywhere.