• Quinta Maria Cortez - Tres Vidas

    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • $5,950,000 US


Quinta Maria Cortez, like its sister property Casa Tres Vidas, is located on a spectacular beach in Lower Conchas Chinas. The properties are operated as a Boutique Hotel offering Bed and Breakfast style accommodation along with villa rentals and have been a favorite destination for travelers from around the world for many years. Casa Tres Vidas enjoys the local flavor of exposed brickwork and traditional Mexican architecture fused with modern comforts. Quinta Maria Cortez is an especially unique property that is virtually indescribable and needs to simply be experienced. Featured in movies and in magazines such as Architectural Digest, it is iconic and a feast for your senses. Each sophisticated suite throughout the properties are furnished with beautiful antique furniture and have

modern amenities to ensure comfort to the guests. The properties enjoy a generous rental business and a strong repeat clientele. Quinta Maria Cortez has seven oceanfront suites, most with kitchenettes or servi-bars, while Casa Tres Vidas has three separate villas that are 3 or 4 bedrooms each. The units are rented separately or the properties can be combined as 6, 7 or a 10 bedroom compound. Quinta Maria Cortez enjoys its own private pool plus a complete kitchen that serves the entire property, while Casa Tres Vidas has 3 separate kitchens, 3 separate pools and 3 heated Jacuzzis. Both properties are being sold simultaneously only. They make a great investment opportunity as they are currently operated. However, the way they are structured, a buyer could live in one of the villas in Tres Vidas and operate the other rentals, or potentially other development and configurations could be possible. A truly unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity awaits the buyer with creative vision and insight.

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