• Ricadi - Capo Vaticano

    Sicily, Italy
  • €2,800,000 EUR


The area is approx. 55.000 m2 of land. It includes sea-front in a quiet and very beautiful panoramic location. Tourist residences cab de constructed (prestigious villas and hotels) on the area of approx. 48.000 m2 with the surface of the floor approx. 5.700 m2.

Capo Vaticano is majestically enthroned in a turquoise sea, as it dominates the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands to the north-west, the Gulf of Lamezia Terme to the north-east, to the south-west the Gulf of Gioia Tauro .

Capo Vaticano, the last strip of land before the Straits of Messina, thrusts dramatically from the sea, its white rocks battered and eroded by centuries of breakers that have taught sailors to respect and fear this fascinating, almost mysterious place.

This part of Calabria, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea , contains the ancient fascination of a thousand years of history.
The sea that caresses the snow-white beaches and the wildness of the rocks make visitors lose their sense of time, as it conceals beneath its waves the secrets of ancient shipwrecks, the relics of which have frequently been discovered.

Life in the area is dominated by fishing; its waters are visited by the great swordfish, tuna, blue sharks etc. as they cross the Capo Vaticano every spring.