• Mansion In The Hills

    Piedmont, Italy
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This mansion is constituted by the main building (farmstead) and by 5 ha of land. The farmstead is completely renovated, the land is fertile and is possible to cultivate vineyards, orchards, grazing and woods.

The property stands nearby the prestigious Manta Castle in a quiet and lovely place.

Part of the farmstead was built in the stone: the building consists of 2 floors and cellars.

Near the main building there is the renovated old warehouse.

The Manta Castle stands at the top of a seven hills' group, in a dominant position. Is one of the best Castles in Piedmont.

It was built in the XII century as a fortress. In the XV century Marchese Tommaso III of Saluzzo made a big renovation, transforming the fortress in a residence for his son Valerano.
All the paintings (fresco) are dated around the 1420. This frescos has been attributed to the Italian painter “Maestro di Manta”.