• Castle Of Reynaudi

    Piedmont, Italy
  • €3,300,000 EUR


The Castle is located in SALUZZO— Piedmont, Italy at the foot of the mountain. It was built to replace a big manor house, with double defense wall: the outer wall was built with three towers and was connected by a drawbridge with the inner one, where another drawbridge encircled by four towers allows the entrance to the castle. 
This castle was built to the design of  Guglielmo Costansa in 1192. He got a feud by the Saluzzo Marquis who inherit it by Bonifacio del Vasto.

The old Castle was built with defined goals: check the landscape towards the Varaita Valley and the mountains pass.

It was destructed during the war in 1487 between Carlo I and Ludovic II of Saluzzo. In 1617, Giovanni Michele Criotti di Savigliano, got rights to build a new castle on the ruins. It was finished by his son.
In a public auction it has been bought by the senator Leone Reynaudi, navy Minister.

The project of renovation includes:

- Basement (ex cellar). It was bored in the stone in the Middle Age. One can get there thru the castle or a small private road. There is a big parking area. Renovation plan includes utilisation of this part as a vinery with various services for the guests, the stuff and the kitchen.

- Ground floor. Seven apartments.

- First floor. Three apartments. Construction of a big room for events or temporary art exhibition in the central part.

- Second floor. Three apartments.