• Chateau Angouleme

    Angouleme, France
  • Price Upon Request.


The exceptional Chateau of the 12th and 16th century located in Angouleme, France, with proximity to the prominent areas of Bordeaux. The property conveys an authentic style with the combination of unique Renaissance and Templar charm. This dream property consists of 480m ² living surface with 19 rooms, 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, concierge and overlooks the serene park of 1.5 hectares.

The property is located in a secluded area with a surrounding village on the hill. Located close to the Roman church, the castle occupies a relatively flat terrain forming sustained by a solid perimeter wall with a small corner tower terrace.

The property further features vegetable gardens and orchard plantations. The driveway leads to the courtyard leads to a courtyard that accesses the concierge area.

The driveway leads to a courtyard with the castle on the right hand and left hand, concierge whose restoration is incomplete. In extension of the castle to the west, a large space, probably the oldest part dating from the time of the Templars, features a garden that in turn compliments to the magnificence of the property.