Manuel Antonio, Puntarenas
  • $10,000,000 US


This hotel is literally across the street from the beach in Manuel Antonio and sits right next to the National Park. \nThe views are some of the best in the entire area and the flow of traffic in this area is the best anywhere. \nThere are 2 parts to the hotel. The new part hosts 26 Rooms all with TV A/C telephone cable, Reception area and parking. The part of the hotel has 5 studio apartments, restaurant, Bar, Laundry area. \nOne of the most unique things about this hotel is that it has a very large area where many cars park for the national park in Manuel Antonio. The owners collect a fee per car for parking and makes a great side business. \nThe property itself is over 11,000M2 so there is plenty of room for additional rooms or any kind of expansion. This hotel is one of the most unique for sale in the area due to its location in Manuel Antonio.