• 267 Acres Of Investment, Business, And Fun

    Dominical, Puntarenas
  • $999,000 US


You would be hard pressed to find a more perfect place to create a full range of activities while you are waiting to harvest well over a million dollars worth or commercial trees.\n\nFrom the time you cross the Guabas River and drive through the gate to the moment you stand 1200 higher with a panoramic view, you will be in a self-contained Costa Rican wonderland that is yours to imagine and design. Mountain biking? Hiking? Quad exploring? Horseback riding? Photography? Painting? Writing? Think of it as your very own designated Wilderness area just 20 minutes from Quepos, 25 minutes from Dominical, and a few minutes from Playa del Rey and the Savegre River.\n \nIn 2002, 38 acres were planted in commercially valuable hardwood trees on what used to be bare pasture. Now they are beautifully open, well maintained forests and at current prices, within 10 years they could be worth a couple million dollars. Yes, those are real numbers,provided as an estimate by a professional.\n\nTwo streams meander across the land creating waterfalls as they tumble. There are numerous mature fruit trees and plenty of space for more. The upper end of the property is primary forest with magnificent trees and all kinds of birds, monkeys, frogs, vines, plants -- the whole fascinating biodiversity that makes Costa Rica an amazing place to live and love.\n \nWhether you want to create an isolated personal estate, a community of friends, a conservation area, or an exotic destination for guests, there are many places where you could build a home, cabins, tree houses, camping platforms, or villas. Water comes from a spring high on the property and electricity is at the entrance, although this would be a great place to experiment with micro hydro and solar. \n\nNone of this description, nor the pictures, capture the beauty of the forest, the views, the sounds of the natural world…. To grasp it, you need to walk it the road and trails that run throughout the forests. There’s no way you will ever see it all, but a couple hours of hiking will give you a good feel. Then when it’s yours, you can spend the rest of your life getting to know it.