• Huge Price Reduction - 75 Acres In Cabo Matapalo With Home On Title Land

    Cabo Matapalo, Puntarenas
  • $2,795,000 US


Imagine living on an eco-farm in beautiful and secluded Cabo Matapalo. Located in the small town of Cabo Matapalo, this custom home, and the tower is the tallest naturally built structures in Costa Rica, and it’s completely built out of hardwoods. This property features stunning Golfo Dulce ocean views, including where the waves break at Pan Dulce. This 75- acre property also features your own rainforest jungle, small waterfalls, and swimming holes. It’s the perfect property for a small hotel business or vacation rental.\n\nThis 5000 sq-foot house was designed by the artist Mark Huebner and is an innovative pegged construction, made and put together entirely with wood, and accented and finished with Costa Rican hardwoods. Mark’s work has previously been featured in the Surfers Journal, and his work has also been commissioned by the Costa Rican government. Both the house and the attached 30-meter tower include Manglio, Chrriano, and Guayabon hardwood features and wooden peg construction. All of the rooms include recessed wiring and lighting. We love how spacious and open this property is, with 360 panoramic views from the tower. You can see as far as your eyes can see-lush rainforest, the blue ocean, and the sky. You won’t see a cell tower in sight as this area is 100 % natural. In fact, Cabo Matapalo has earned the Blue Ecological Flag for conserving and protecting its environment.\n\nThe property includes an expansive and open floor plan. The living room and connecting kitchen are large and spacious. The entire area is done with large wooden beams and wooden pegs. There are look-outs with wicker awnings, where you can see the overabundance of trees. There are two colorful hammocks hanging, that you get to keep. The kitchen features many fine wood details, including built-in cabinets, wood peg beams, and pot racks, and wooden countertops. It also features stainless steel appliances. Again, there is another window, right above the sink, so you can stare at the rainforest while doing the dishes.\n\nThis property will eventually have five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Currently, there are three of each completed. One bedroom includes built-in shelves and drawers, a canopy bed, and a look out-area. A flight of wooden stairs leads from the main level to the tower. There is another bedroom, way up in the tower. It’s unfurnished, but the views from the crow’s nest are unimaginable. You can see clear across the ocean and everything in between.\n\nThe property is completely titled so you won’t have to worry about anything. It’s connected to two springs so you’ll have plenty of fresh natural water. In fact, you can fish for your own dinner right off the Golfo Dulce coast. The waters are full of tuna, snapper, and marlin.\n\nOur favorite part of this property is having a 100% natural, lush rainforest on-site. In fact, it’s part of the protected “biological corridor,” which connects Corcovado National Park to the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. The 75 –acre property is surrounded by towering trees, spider monkeys, sloths, and five species of jungle cats. This includes jaguars, pumas, and ocelots. You also have your own seasonal waterfalls and swimming holes on-site. This is a one-of-a-kind nature lover’s paradise with two of Costa Rica’s best nature lodges, Lapa Rios and Bosque Del Cabo as your neighbors.\n\nYou’ll experience several eco-adventures living in the heart of Cabo Matapalo. Surfing is popular, especially at Playa Pan Dulce, where you’ll often find some of the longest right-hand pointbreaks that break on southwest swells. Its waves are gentler for beginners. However, at Backwash beach, longboarding is more common on the steeper waves. Matapalo features several other secluded beaches with pristine waters, ideal for swimming or just escaping the noise of tourism. The Corcovado National Park connects to your property, and it features a lush rainforest and an array of local wildlife. While hiking one of the many trails, you may spot scarlet macaws, white-faced capuchins, and all four types of sea turtles. You are also walking distance from King Louis Waterfall, and many locals test their limits and try rappelling down it.\n\nThere is so much you could do with this unique eco-farm and property. We invite you to tour this one-of-a-kind nature’s paradise in Southern Costa Rica.