• 4693 - 558 Hectares of Coffee Farms for Sale in Heredia

    Barreal, Heredia
  • $33,000,000 US


4693 - 558 Hectares of Coffee Farms for Sale in Heredia


Property number: 4693

For sale: $33,000,000


Location:  Heredia

Area:  558 hectáreas – 5,580,000m2

View type:  Central Valley viewand mountains views


·        Land/lots/developments


One of the most beautiful and large coffee plantations in the hands of asole owner in the Province of Heredia.  The sale price includes a fully equipped first class processingplant. 

The coffee plantation is made of four farms, and they can be sold togetherfor $33,000,000 or independently as follows:

Farm 1 - 250 hectares $19,500,000 – including the processing plant

Farm 2 - 131hectares $8,750,000

Farm 3 - 85hectares $5,750,000

Farm 4 – 92 hectares $5,750,000

The farms are owned by multi generation coffee families, and are plantedwith high quality SHB Estate Coffee.  Located on the volcanic mountains of Heredia, northeast of Costa Rica’scapital city San Jose, a renowned Central Valley region for growing highquality highland coffee.

In the nineteenth century, in the highlands of Heredia, Costa Rica, afamily member planted with his own hands the first coffee plant in one of thefarms. He patiently nurtured it and took care of it day after day until ahealthy coffee tree flowered and produced one of the finest coffee beans in theworld. This was back in 1876, when the family coffee tradition was initiated.

Today, you can find the same outstanding coffee planted in the familyfarm, which is now in the hands of a sixth generation. 


These coffee farms have a long tradition of being driven by totalperfection and quality like those which create superb Bordeaux.

Soils: The farms produce its coffee in deep and rich volcanic soils.

Climatic Conditions: the region in Heredia provides the perfect climaticconditions to produce the finest coffee: cool temperatures (18-23 C), perfectrain patterns (2,200 mm/year), clean mountain air, and pristine rain water.

Altitude: The coffee is produced at high altitudes ranging from 1250 to1300 meters above sea level. It is a well-known fact that the higher thealtitude in which coffee is grown, the better the quality. The reason for thisis that the coffee ripening process is slower so the bean has more time tofully develop all its characteristics of acidity, body, & aroma.

Coffee Variety: Just the best quality coffee varieties are planted inthe farm:

Caturra and Catuai. These coffee varieties exhibit outstanding cupquality.

All these factors help to create a unique and outstanding cup of coffeeshowing a pronounced acidity, strong body, and sweet aroma, the finest coffeeCosta Rica has to offer.


The high quality coffee is carefully processed using the Wet Methodwhich is the processing method that best preserves the intrinsic quality ofthis outstanding coffee.

After individually handpicking, one by one, just the cherry ripe coffee,the pulp is removed from the cherry. This operation is the key differencebetween the dry and the wet methods, since in the wet method the pulp is separatedfrom the beans before the drying stage. The pulping is done by a machine whichsqueezes the cherries between fixed and moving surfaces. The flesh and the skinof the fruit are left on one side and the beans, enclosed in their mucilaginousparchment covering, on the other. The clearance between the surfaces isadjusted to avoid damage to the beans.

The pulped beans go on to machines that quickly remove the mucilagesurrounding the beans.

At this stage, the wet parchment coffee contains approximately 57%moisture. To reduce the moisture to an optimum 12% the parchment coffee isdried in Guardiolas (mechanical dryers). After drying the parchment coffee isstored and rested for 8 weeks.

In the final stage of preparation, the coffee is hulled, to remove theparchment, then passes through a number of screenings, grading, and colorsorting operations in order to have it ready for export. All these processingstages are closely monitored in order to ensure that the quality of the coffeewill never be compromised.

All coffee processing methods are ecologically friendly. The residualwaters generated during the processing are recycled, fully treated, andpurified before being released into the environment.

Social Responsibility

The owners have placed as one of its top priorities the well-being ofthe families working at the farms so it provides them with free housing,running water, electricity. Workers at the farms earn one of the highest wagesin the coffee industry worldwide and they are proud of it.  The family has also been instrumental infacilitating medical services, education, and sports facilities to every farmworker.


The preservation ofthe environment is of capital importance at the coffee farms. The owners arecommitted to produce the coffee in harmony with nature and in a sustainableway. In order to protect the soils from erosion and to avoid the contaminationof watersheds the coffee is planted in contours, following the naturalinclination of the terrain.


The cherry pulpgenerated as a waste product in the wet method processing is used as an organicfertilizer in the coffee plantation.


The dry parchmentremoved during the hulling stage is used as fuel to feed into the mechanicaldryers.


As indicated before,the residual waters generated during the processing are recycled, fullytreated, and purified before being released into the environment.

The coffee is produced with theutmost ethical values, and following the highest social and environmentalguiding principles.

A taste of this exceptional coffee is an experience of several things:the rich and old tradition of producing coffee developed by a generationalfamily, the deep volcanic soils, the high altitude where it’s grown, the cupquality of its 100% arabica varieties, the perfect climatic conditions toproduce coffee influenced by the mountain range where the farms are located,and coffee production systems which are in total harmony with the highestsocial and environmental ethics. The perfect combination of all these factorsproduce a unique coffee which is the finest coffee produced in Costa Rica.