Bute Inlet, British Columbia
  • $28,800,000 CDN


On Canada’s ancient Emerald Edge sits the crown jewel of the rainforest. Wild yet refined, Fawn Bluff embodies the priceless, idyllic wilderness home away from home few have imagined, and fewer still could own.

In quiet repose on a forested ridge, overlooking a secluded deep water harbour in one of Canada’s most pristine and spectacular wilderness environments sits the Founder’s Lodge at Fawn Bluff. Hand hewn from mighty timber and living stone forged in fire, the Founder’s Lodge presides over 340 acres of gloriously forested and entirely private waterfront complete with a rainbow-rich private lake. Surrounded by nothing but ocean and row upon row of verdant hills and valleys receding north into glacial splendor, retreat is total, perfect.

Fawn Bluff was conceived and created by renaissance craftsmen, utilizing the best available materials and technologies, as the quintessential Canadian retreat for family and friends, yet scalable for potential creative enterprise. A self-sufficient, self-contained, fully-outfitted sanctuary, Fawn Bluff is meticulously finished and maintained, and promises an immediate and unconditional retreat home for 30 occupants plus staff.

Located in the golden triangle of Canadian fishing lodges, Fawn Bluff is known as a world-class salmon, halibut, and lingcod fishing destination. The owners’ passion for unspoiled, untamed wilderness, and unparalleled sports fishing, drew them to the majestic grand fjord of Bute Inlet, British Columbia. This is the sheltered, fertile heart of the lush coastal temperate rainforest, where virtually nothing has changed for millennia. Black bears, cougars, deer, eagles, seals, whales and other wildlife populate the forests, skies and seas – sharing paradise and keeping her secrets. Though distinctly remote, the retreat is within 14 minutes by seaplane from Campbell River regional airport and port of entry on Vancouver Island, and just 1:15 by water taxi. The Pacific Rim gateway city of Vancouver, British Columbia, and all that she offers, can be reached in just over one hour to the southeast.