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Suzanne Perkins is Santa Barbara’s preeminent real estate professional. She has consistently garnered Top Agent awards and her stature and reputation in the industry are without parallel.

Suzanne has earned the respect and admiration of her distinguished local, national and international clientele and she has consistently outperformed other agents in Montecito, Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez. In 2007, Suzanne Perkins earned the accolade of #1 Agent worldwide for Sotheby’s International Realty and more importantly the #1 Agent in the country out of 1.2 million REALTORS. In 2012 Suzanne was once again named #1 Agent in Sotheby’s Offices in Montecito, Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez. She was also the #3 Agent in Sotheby’s California Offices and was ranked #7 Agent in all of Sotheby’s Offices in the United States. The Wall Street Journal has recognized Suzanne on numerous occasions, and has consistently included her in the list of the Top 50 Real Estate Agents in the United States.

Her most important sale occurred in January 2007 when she represented the sellers of El Cojo and Jalama Ranches in the largest non-commercial transaction in California history. The combined listing value of the two properties was an astounding $155 million. In February 2007 she also represented both the Seller and the Buyer of the highest value oceanfront transaction in Santa Barbara history. In 2006 Suzanne represented the seller of the most expensive residential beachfront property in Santa Barbara to that date.

Suzanne is originally from Lexington, Kentucky and moved to California to attend college. After completing California State University, she was hired by Pan American, the world’s leading international airline. This was the glittering age of jet travel and Suzanne was quickly promoted to In-Flight Purser; and when the 747 entered service in 1970 she became an In-Flight Service Director. As a testament to Suzanne’s courage and strength of character, she volunteered for special assignment with the Department of Defense to serve on selected crews to fly monthly R&R flights in and out of Saigon, DaNang and Camron Bay during the Vietnam War. She also heroically participated in the Saigon Evacuation flights at the time of the fall of Vietnam

During her world travels Suzanne discovered the beauty and charm of Santa Barbara and quickly transitioned from the world of international travel to the world of luxury homes, beachfront estates and sprawling ranches. It also marked the beginning of her long career in community service. In 1992, Suzanne became Commissioner of the Santa Barbara County Parks Commission; and is also a past president of the Montecito Trail Foundation. In 2010, she was elected Chairman of the County Parks Commission. These positions have helped enrich her deep knowledge of Santa Barbara real estate and land use issues. In February 2008, Suzanne was appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to the 19th Agricultural District Board of Directors. This is a statutorily created Agency of the State of California, Department of Food and Agricultural, Division of Fairs and Expositions. The district comprises all portions of Santa Barbara east of the Gaviota Pass and south of the Santa Ynez mountains. Governor Jerry Brown re-appointed Suzanne to the Board of Directors for another term. Suzanne is also an accomplished equestrian and is both a highly respected international judge, as well as breeder of champion show horses. Her extensive knowledge of the equine world makes her highly qualified to offer sage advice to the owners of the impressive ranches and equestrian properties that she represents.

Pan American World Airways, a company whose hallmark was dedication, hard work and service, helped hone and develop Suzanne’s many talents. Among them are her extraordinary people skills, her ability to listen and quickly assess any situation, and then move forward with calm authority and intelligence. Suzanne has brought these exemplary qualities to the Real Estate profession. She is always on the cutting edge of new technology, as demonstrated by her state of the art website, and exceptionally creative and high quality advertising and marketing strategies. These help exemplify Suzanne’s dedicated work ethic and integrity.

In her own words:
"Every day, I am just doing what I love and enjoy. The fact that I get to represent some of the most incredible properties and people in the world, in the spectacular surroundings of Santa Barbara, Montecito and Santa Ynez Valley is a blessing with an exceptional bonus."

Her many clients are unanimous in their praise:

“My husband and I owned and operated for many years the premier luxury real estate firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I had sold the most expensive properties in that area, reaching out to the top REALTORS worldwide.  When it came to selling our property in Santa Barbara, we knew that Suzanne was unconditionally the best marketer of properties…perhaps that we have ever known.  As an agent, her personal service is also unparalleled.  In a tough market, Suzanne only gives even more of her and gets results.”  –Patricia and Michael French

“When you deal with a high end residential real estate broker you look to find someone who knows the market and the community.  Once you find that general group you hope to find someone who recognizes that although it is a business transaction that there are, as always, many real human issues at work.  Suzanne was highly effective on the business side and even more so on the human side.  Suzanne and her team made an otherwise complicated and streamlined process (20 day escrow!) painless and extremely efficient.  I recommend her without reservation.”  –Ron R. Goldie, Attorney and Trustee for the Trust.

“Although Suzanne is clearly in demand, we always felt as if we were her number one priority.”
 –Nancy Deville, health book writer, “Death by Supermarket,”& Dr. J.A. Davis, Harvard Business School professor

“Suzanne is the most superb in her field, extraordinarily knowledgeable of the market and the area.”  –W. Kimsey, Former C.E.O. Ernst & Young Global, Ltd.

“Suzanne has closed over 35 transactions for me.  I am proud to see the success that Suzanne has achieved and know firsthand that there is no one more deserving.”  –S. Berman, Architect and Developer

“Suzanne Perkins is, without reservation, the most capable and competent real estate broker I have ever worked with.  She truly lives the transaction and considers all aspects of the properties she represents.”  –C. Kimbell, Attorney, Kimbell & Allen, LLP

Of her own Blue Ribbon career, Suzanne insists, “Every day, I am just doing what I love and enjoy.  The fact that I get to represent some of the most incredible properties and people in the world, in the spectacular surroundings of Santa Barbara, Montecito and the Santa Ynez Valley, is a blessing with an exceptional bonus.”

Community Service

In February of 2008, Suzanne was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Santa Barbara Fair and Exposition Board of Directions which oversees the 19th Agricultural Association.

Suzanne was appointed in 2007 by 1st District County Supervisor, Salud Carbajal, to the Summerland Community Planning Advisory Committee, which holds public hearings every month regarding the Summerland Community Plan and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.

She was appointed in 2006 as a member of the Front Country Trails Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force representing the County of Santa Barbara.  Appointed members of this Task Force are National Forest Service, County of Santa Barbara, and the City of Santa Barbara.  The Task Force has been conducting monthly public hearings with televised public hearings dealing with Front Country Trail issues pertaining to multiple use.

Since 1992, Suzanne has served as a commissioner of the Santa Barbara County Parks Commission and is also past president of the Montecito Trail Foundation.  These opportunities have enriched her comprehensive knowledge of real estate and land use issues.

Equestrian ActivitiesSuzanne is also an International Horse Show Judge and Past Breeder of Champion Horses. Learn more about her equestrian activities.

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