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The Good Life Group (GLG) is part of Keller Williams Lanier Partners in Gainesville, Georgia. This hard-working team is the leading agent group for property on beautiful Lake Lanier in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains. Because they specialize, they are able to stay apprised of any issues relating to lake property, the US Army Corps of Engineers, watershed issues, dock rules and permits, and other topics that are key to a successful lake sale or purchase. Not only do they follow which properties are on the market right now, but they have a long list of “pocket” listings from people who are thinking about selling their lakefront houses in the future. These homes don’t show up on any listing service, but the GLG closes a lot of transactions from these pocket listings. They also have a fantastic list of resources and tradesmen they work with including dock companies, trustworthy contractors, tree cutters that know the Corps’ rules, mortgage companies who specialize in lake and 2nd home investments, attorneys who know the rules of the lake, and more.

Because of her extensive background in internet and marketing, lead agent and group founder Bev Knight handles most of the listing responsibilities. Bev was the top agent on Lake Lanier in 2012 and 2013. The GLG is known to be one of most aggressive advertisers of property on Lake Lanier. They are innovative in a variety of ways including custom street signs that show a picture of the dock so passers-by can see the most important feature of the lake house, custom home books, professional photography and tours, aerial photography for luxury homes, professionally produced two-sided color flyers and so much more. Because they are dedicated to the lake, they subscribe to a number of lake-only sites to help reach a national and even international audience. Adding to the marketing mix, they have done radio advertising and even TV spots. You will see GLG ads in various Lake Lanier publications including Lakeside News where Bev writes a quarterly column on Lake Lanier real estate. In an average year, the GLG spends over $40,000 on promoting their property which is part of the reason their sales and closing statistics are so robust. If a buyer is looking for a lake home, he will see the homes listed by The Good Life Group.

Another innovation of the GLG is to provide dedicated specialists for buyers and investors. It takes a unique skill-set and a lot of time to find just the right property for a client, and the GLG is organized to allow its buyers’ agents to focus exclusively on their clients (rather than ads, forms, listings, etc.). They have found that buyers love that special attention and appreciate their agent’s ability to stay focused on their needs. (It is very hard and time-consuming to handle both listings and buyers — almost impossible to keep up with both.) The GLG is extremely blessed to have a two very talented buyers’ agents, Jackie Powalowski and Heather Skoglind. Both of these experienced agents are top producers, Lake Lanier experts, and outstanding advocates for their clients. For investors looking for guidance in navigating the risky world of lake and luxury property, Dani Brown serves as the investment specialist for The GLG. At one time, Dani, who has her real estate broker’s license, was the top agent in Blue Ridge Georgia and owned her own firm.

2441 Club Drive

  • Gainesville, Georgia
  • $3,750,000 US
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4143 Palmetto Dune Drive

  • Gainesville, Georgia
  • $2,000,000 US
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1605 Lockridge Drive

  • Cumming, Georgia
  • $1,750,000 US
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