• Rum Point

    Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • $6,850,000 US


This ultra contemporary beach house is located on the North side of the island resting on an elevated large sandy .69 acre site in Rum Point. An unusually long stretched of sandy beach for this area the site is located between Rum Point Drive and the beach. Nicolas Tye Architects were appointed to design this contemporary and luxurious one off family home setting a landmark for Rum Point enhancing the area, island and region.

An architectural marvel this home has an incredible beach view from every room and from its vanishing edge pool and deck. The landscape is purposely minimalistic and location orientated, whereby the vegetation was chosen to reflect plants and natural surfaces found on or next to the beach to minimize maintenance and water usage. The home was designed to give the impression that it is floating, like a boat on the sea. The ground level has generous openings so that it appears lighter in comparison with the upper levels which features less glazing and a higher roof up stand. This design decision has allowed for the seamless integration of the inside spaces with the outside spaces.

The entrance elevation is solid, closed from views from the public road adding to its allure as a private getaway. Side walls are angled at 11.5 degrees to create overhangs for design aesthetic and solar shading. A roof terrace as party deck with covered bar and lounge area allows for panoramic views around the island and sea. The Southeast facing elevation is mainly solid to protect from the sun, but the northeastern elevation is open to the beach allowing for unspoiled views of the Caribbean Sea.

In a very short time and prior to its official market release this home has quickly gained the attention and respect from local and international architects and realtors.