The Ritz-Carlton Residences

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The long awaited marriage of two of the world’s most recognized luxury brands is finally becoming a reality as The Ritz-Carlton and the Town of Paradise Valley proudly announce the release of a masterly crafted community of luxury Villas within the bold gates of The Ritz-Carlton.

The Ritz-Carlton® has always been a name that is synonymous with distinction. It is a timeless tradition of excellence, one that continues to redefine luxury, with an incomparable commitment to the finest personal services and an unwavering devotion to the gold standards that have made The Ritz-Carlton a top luxury brand globally.

The company believes that service should not simply be reactive, but anticipatory. That service should not simply be compliant, but spontaneous. The ladies and gentlemen of The Ritz-Carlton Residences who help to bring this philosophy to life are artists of anticipation; ambassadors of the brand who deliver personal and memorable services and experiences to residence owners and their guests.

The essence of Ritz-Carlton residential living is summed up in five words:

Gracious   *   Intuitive   *   Expressive   *   Timeless   *   Prestigious

Always warm and inviting, The Residences offer a lifestyle of “permanent elevation.”

Click here for an overview of the residences and floor plans