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In 2015, our annual closings made DeCaro Auctions International one of the largest luxury real estate auction companies in existence.  Our unparalleled track record distinguishes us as THE luxury auction company with the strongest reputation of integrity and accomplishment.  Daniel DeCaro, president, auctioneer, and licensed real estate broker, founded his company nearly 40 years ago.

DeCaro Auctions International existed long before the luxury real estate auction market became a trend. With pride and perpetual dedication to excellence, we remain at the top of the industry. As the pioneer and innovator of modern luxury auctions, DeCaro Auctions International comes to the table with security and knowledge that cannot be replicated. We create the opportunities that result in the lifestyles of dreams.


• Industry pioneers with unrivaled experience
• Billons of dollars of residential and commercial real estate sold by DeCaro Auctions International
• Leadership rooted in honesty and integrity
• Unlimited access to the DeCaro Auctions International dedicated team
• The world’s most exclusive listings
• Attention to exquisite detail
• 5-Star customer service
• Strategic partnerships
• Outstanding opportunities
• Lifelong relationships